• Rhythmic Gymnastics 
    Introductory Training class

    1H/week 〜


    This class is Beginner level Rhythmic Gymnastics and Training class from  4 years old or older kids including, strength training, Flexibility, Acrobat, Apparatus elements training, Dance Performance, etc..

    This class forces on children's basic body coordination.

    The class will be FUN but also we train proper Rhythmic Training for Kids. NO need to compete. If you think your daughter just for keep strength and flexibility, I recommended choose this class

  • Rhythmic Gymnastics
    Competitive Athlete class

    ​3h/week 〜


    Individual/Junior Olympic Group Athlete

    This class is USA Gymnastics Athlete who compete Individual and Group competition. Every year we participate JO Competition for Group category and Xcel Program for Individual. 

    If you have any question about class please ask Coach Satoko directory.

    During competition season Dec to May we are not accept new gymnast this class.

  • Progressing Ballet Technique

    1h session 


    minimum of 3 people in  1 session

    Progressing Ballet Technique is an innovative program developed by Marie Walton-Mahon for students to understand the depth of training muscle memory in achieving their personal best in classical ballet. This class is good for taking with mother and daughter! very helpful in your strength and core muscles training! NO need flexibility body. 

  • Private online Training

    Tuition:$50/ session

    A private online class can be focus their goals and how to training their weak point. This private class can discuss with coach Satoko about your goal and what do you want to be.

    Also you can take the class with your friends.

If you live in around Bloomfield, also I recommend taking classes here Oakland Rhythmic Gymnastics. Coach Satoko is a head coach for Competitive team Level 9. 

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Private lesson

Sivananda Yoga

$100+/ lesson

1.5 hours

For 2+ students

Coach Satoko can teach group Yoga lesson at your house with your friends.

Private lesson

Inferno Hot Pilates

$100+/ lesson

1.5 hours

For 2+ students

This exercise needs humidity place but also you can normal temperature room.  We can customize this class too. 

Private lesson

Choreograph for competition

$150/Individual per routine $300/Group per routine

If you need a Competition Individual routine or Group routine with me such as Rhythmic Gymnastics USAG rule or FIG rule, Choreograph for Rhythmic Competition please contact me.


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