Here are the videos, articles, and items that coach Satoko picked up for the students who want to improve their bodies and skills.

Training Videos
Learn the Attractiveness of Rhythmic Gymnastics
Apparatus & Training Tools

If you think  buy own Apparatus Please check which kind of apparatus your daughter need ask Coach Satoko


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If purchasing in the US:

Rhythmic Gymnastics Apparatus USA

If purchasing in Japan:

Chacott Japan


Training Tools

Strap with Loops

Elastic Exercise Strap is perfect for Yoga, Pilates, Ballet, Fitness and also recommended for Physical therapy at home. 


Simple & easy to use product for upper & lower body exercises that can be performed anywhere, is ideal for conditioning & rehabbing muscles

Rhythmic JR.Ball

This ball is for beginner also you can compete with this ball.17cm is good for start.

Jumping Training Rope

Tokofit Rhythmic Gymnastics use Jumping rope for warm up. I recommend use own rope because length is important for them.

Foam Roller

Medium density muscle roller is comfortable to use - making it easy for beginners, but still effective at penetrating the soft tissue layer of tired muscles.

Jumping Training Rope
for 5-7 years old short type

This rope is cheeper and short rope. IF you are more than 150cm high this is too short. it is for small girls.

Exercise Ball 45cm

The ProBody Pilates ball is intended for core strength, balance, back rehabilitation and for toning and sculpting the upper body.