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Maximize Your Potential through Strengthening the Mind and the Body

Our Goals

Tokofit aims to support children in reaching their greatest potential through a focus on teamwork and strengthening both the body and mind. We believe that self-reliance is reached not only through play but also by challenging oneself. By pouring their greatest energy into practice, competitions and a variety of experiences, children are able to find to discover their passions.

Children are best able to gain coordination and set a path for lifelong during the Golden Development Stage of 5 to 12 years old. We recognize the importance of this period and provide structured and unstructured fun activities that stimulate the mind while building athletic ability.

Rhythmic Gymnastics is the perfect sport to develop the body and mind of the child while building confidence. Tokofit competes in the USA Junior Olympics Beginner and Intermediate divisions every season (Dec. to May) with a special focus on the group performance.

Self-reliance, Confidence, Teamwork, Discipline, Grit, Perseverance

Mental Strength

Strength, Flexibility, Balance, Posture, Style, Expression

Physical Strength

Concentration, Decision-making, Empathy, Coordination, Communication

Skill Development
Background and Format

Tokofit provides technically strong instruction in small class sizes under the guidance of an experienced coach. 

Coach Satoko has over 15 years teaching Rhythmic Gymnastic in Japan, India, Syria and the US.

  1. ​Quality instruction in a compact format

  2. Foundation athletic training that yields lifelong results

  3. Experienced coach with an international perspective

  4. Varied age and skill levels working as one team

About Coach 

Satoko Kightlinger

She grew up in Japan beginning Rhythmic Gymnasts at 6 years old based on the recommendation of her friends. Eventually, her friends moved on to other activities but she stayed with Rhythmic Gymnastics competing through college. She was a national level gymnast in Japan.


She started coaching in college, living and working in Tokyo, Syria and India. She is also a Junior Olympic Level 9 head coach at Oakland Rhythmic Gymnastics where several of my students are national level gymnasts.


She is a graduate of Tokyo Women’s College of Physical Education. She is also a certified Yoga and Inferno Hot Pilates Instructor as well as a qualified early childhood physical education teacher in Japan.


​USAGymnastics Junior Olympic Judge

Sivananda yoga Instructor

Inferno Hot Pilates

Progressing Ballet Technique 

Alexa Flexibility  


Coach Satoko when she was in college


Last minute revision before a competition

What Our Students Are Saying


At first, I was scared that I wouldn't be able to do everything right. Since I was doing a group routine if someone made a mistake, the others also had a chance of making the same mistake. I was very nervous but my group and I tried our best and it turned out great!



Tokofit Rhythmic Gymnastics is a fun and educational place. Coach Satoko teaches me the best way to become flexible and use my body muscles properly. I am so lucky to have found this Center.



I like Coach Satoko’s teaching method. Stretch time is challenging but it’s also a lot of fun builds flexibility. Her Group Choreograph is always easy to understand. Coach Satoko teaches many skills and always strengthens my motivation for sports and at home.



Tokofit is the best Rhythmics Gymnastics school in the world. It's a lot of fun and I love when it gets harder because then I get to learn new things and get better.



Before I started rhythmic gymnastics, I didn't know many skills. I also couldn't go down any of my splits. On top of that, I also wasn't always careful to point my toes. But, when I started I was able to do and accomplish all those things.

What Students' Parents Are Saying
Q. Why did you choose tokofit? 

A.  My daughter has been in Rhythmic Gymnastics for 4 years now. She has gone to two other schools here in Michigan and while the second one we took her to was a great fit, the location did not work for us. Leaving RG was such a hard decision for our family. We all struggled with it. After a 6 month break, we were put in touch with Coach Satoko. My daughter loves going to her gym and learns so much every time! She has created wonderful bonds with the girls in her team and her coach. We are so grateful at the knowledge Coach Satoko is bringing to these young girls and we cannot wait to see what happens. Coach Satoko is truly a wonderful coach who is able to instill hard work, perseverance, stamina, love of RG and respect into the girls. 

- Naomi

Q. Please share what you like about tokofit or coach Satoko.

Coach Satoko has been an amazing coach for my daughter, who is seeking to improve her flexibility. She always creates a fun and energetic classroom environment so my daughter loves going to her lessons.     
I highly recommend Coach Satoko to anyone who wants to learn Rhythmic gymnastics!

- Y 

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