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First blog from Coach YONEYAMA!!

Hi, I’m Coach Yoneyama, an assistant coach at tokofit RG. Even though Coach Satoko had already introduced me in former blogs, I’m going to add to it. I have two daughters in tokofit who are 11 and 9 years old. Watching my daughters learning rhythmic gymnastics, I have become addicted to it more and more, even though I have no experience with it. One day, I found an adult ballet class that was held next door of tokofit and joined without any hesitation. I’ve had two years of experience in ballet in my middle school age and wanted to start it again, so I did. It has been more than two years since I started and I really enjoy it. More and more kids came to tokofit after a year passed and tokofit opened. I asked Coach Satoko, “ Can I help you?”, That was the beginning of my road to becoming an assistant coach. If I do it, I wanted to do my best and finally I got the license of being a USA gymnastics instructor.

I really like to see the kids laughing, feeling bitter sometimes and talking about their performances seriously to each other at the class. Please let me say the most fascinating point of tokofit! “Diversity”. Tokofit kids are a variety of ages and backgrounds. Some are permanent, some are temporary because of their parents’ work. It’s hard to keep on practicing and improving their performance with same members over a long period. That is why they can learn how to deal with differences and changes accordingly. Coach Satoko is thinking a result is not only an important thing but personal growth.

Keep your eyes open! I’ll put more and more interesting things in this blog from now on. Thank you!


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