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Happy new year!!

Happy new year!

After two weeks of winter break, we had a lesson today. We usually have a three hour lesson twice a week but since we still have the gymnasium situation in our hands, we just had a four hour lesson on Sunday. Four hours! What would we do!

As mentioned, tokofit is getting more and more girls and Coach Satoko has been thinking and planning to make the class better. One thought that she put into action was dividing the class into Introductory Training and Competitive Athlete class. 1-1.5 hours for warming ups, stretches, basic skills with apparatus and ballet. After that, performance instructing for Introductory class and then for Competitive class.

We had four hours so that they could try some new movements and basic skills with balls. They tend to smooth over their mistakes during the performance, but today Coach Satoko showed them examples and they practiced over and over again. Some of them said “ I did it!” and it made me so happy. In less than a month, they’ll participate in a meet for the first time in 2019-2020 season. I hope they get over their challenges by their way and pace. I’ll be supporting you, girls!       

Coach Yoneyama

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