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Have a great Holiday!

Our last class in 2019 was held at another place. It wasn’t enough space to practice rhythmic gymnastics but it was the chance to do something different from usual. Coach Satoko was prepared for the practice perfectly. The kids looked excited.

Imagining that they were at the meet, they lined up, seated and cheered for the teammates who were performing in front. They looked confused at the beginning, but soon they got used to it and became more cheerful. Ok. This was the way to “becoming a team” or “raising sense of unity”.

After the class, Coach Satoko gave them small pouches for putting their shoes in. They were the same color and same pattern for teammates among group. Coach Satoko said “ it’s good to have something the same as their teammates.” How nice!

We’ll see you after two weeks of break.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Coach Yoneyama

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