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March 1st we have a stage performance

My daughters and I were absent from the last lesson because we were participating in another event. Later, Coach Satoko told me something exciting happened during the lesson.

Introductory class usually does stretching, warm ups and practicing skills on the skill card※ in the class. But Coach Satoko choreographed a dance for them and they started it! No doubt that learning basics is important, but it’s rhythmic gymnastics! Let’s dance️‼️ I watched the video of them dancing and they looked excited and having fun. I hope they will keep dancing with those feelings.

On the other hand, the making of team A leotards are in the final stage. Team A moms got together and worked on finishing it. Putting rhinestones on was okay, but sewing hooks on was more difficult than we thought it would be. I think the moms are trying to make it with love😊


※ A list of stretching, balancing and skills of apparatuses Coach Satoko made. When finishing everything on the list, they receive a small gift from Coach Satoko!

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