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September Class

We start choreography for this season!

Tokofit RG has 2 Beginner Group, 1 XCEL Group , 7 xce Individual Athletes .

They just come to the class 2days a week 5:00-8:00pm.

i am so busy for making choreography and cleaning up their routine its like I want to get one more myself!!!

Good news is one of the parents help and assistant me all the class!!

That is so helpful for me !! Thank you so much Yoneyama-san!

I am thinking she can be our coach someday!

That will be great!

I will write it down about this story....

And!! Parents are helping our team uniform , team bags and leotard! 私が手を全くかけずに進んでいる事が感謝でしかありません。気づいたら出来上がってるという素敵さ。感動です。

Honestly, this big class is not easy for only one coach!






But i have many help and support from parents so I am doing my best!!

Nobody think our team has these girls!

I just want to my girls take great experience through the Rhythmic Gymnastics!!


I am am so happy to work with them!

Thank you for your help again!!

I want to see this smile at the meet!!

Don‘t miss it!!



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