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"Switch "

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

Today was special day for one of the my gymnast.

she is 6 years old and we tried Jumping long rope. When enter the rope(moving rope) we need to think when is the best time to go int to the rope.

She was afraid to enter the rope ... But she made it today! without my help!

I believe Kids has unlimited power and potential! when I found or feel their confidence I always so exited for them! That call special time!

First time is always difficult and struggle that feeling is also EVERY ONE different ..someone are easy or difficult for someone that is normal Do not compare to next person.

Just observe their action!

win the competition yes important and great experience BUT!!! It is not only this...

'Switch' is important! If girls are something beyond ....their switch is ON! that is the time for try for something new and get self-confidence.

I and TokofitRG think this is our job...find their " switch"...

I found one of the gymnast switch today... I could see her confidence, smile, cheer from friends, another parents her parents too! Her mam actually almost cry...that was beautiful time...

I really like work with beginner gymnast because lots of different switch is everywhere... that is only this beginner time... when gets is more difficult to get switch....

Thank you for reading..

This is her mom's message to me yesterday..she said we can share her feeling..

Life is beautiful....I love coaching...






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